Mathematicians have created general theories of algebraic structures, by abstracting away various amounts of detail from diverse objects. As a language of mathematics, Abstract algebra deals with such algebraic structures as groups, rings, fields, modules and vector spaces. The researches in algebra are naturally associated with other mathematical disciplines including number theory, algebraic geometry, and combinatorics.

Undergraduate courses

  • MTH230 Set theory
  • MTH260 Elementary Number theory
  • MTH281 Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH301 Modern Algebra I
  • MTH302 Modern Algebra II
  • MTH431 Algebraic Topology
  • MTH451 Advanced Linear Algebra

Graduate Courses

  • MTH551 Algebra
  • MTH555 Number theory
  • MTH571 Algebraic geometry


2014 Spring

  • Hae-sang Sun, Chungbook University
  • Sungrak Choi, IBS, POSTECH
  • Subong Lim, KIAS, Modular forms and their applications
  • Dohoon Choi, Korea Aerospace University

2012 Spring

  • Dong Youp Suh, KAIST, Classification of complex projective towers and cohomological rigidity