Geometry / Topology

Geometry originated from the study of shapes and spaces and has now a much wider scope, reaching into higher dimensions and non-Euclidean geometries. Topology, combined with contemporary geometry, is also widely applied to such problems as coloring maps, distinguishing knots and classifying surfaces and their higher dimensional analogs. Subjects of geometry include differential geometry, algebraic geometry, differential topology, and computational geometry.

Undergraduate courses

  • MTH330 Introduction to Geometry
  • MTH351 General Topology
  • MTH411 Differential Geometry I
  • MTH412 Differential Geometry II
  • MTH431 Algebraic Topology

Graduate Courses

  • MTH561 Differentiable manifolds
  • MTH563 Differential geometry
  • MTH571 Algebraic geometry


2014 Spring

  • Sunghong Min, KIAS
  • Sungrak Choi, IBS, POSTECH
  • Kanghyurk Lee, Gyeongsang National University

2012 Spring

  • Youngjoon Choi, KIAS, Differential geometric models in almost complex manifolds
  • Taehee Kim, KonKuk University, Introduction to knots and links
  • Dong Youp Suh, KAIST, Classification of complex projective towers and cohomological rigidity