Primary Major in Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematical Sciences provides one of nation's finest undergraduate programs in mathematics. For mathematics major, students must take 48 credits or more in mathematics. 48+ credits consist of 30 essential mathematics credits and 18 or more selective courses provided by the department. (MTH201 and MTH203 are fundamental courses and not counted as required credits). Students also fulfill their internship program and 4th year research program. Mathematics also provides 500 level courses for senior students. Students can take these advanced level courses as their university credits as well as graduate credits in advance of entering graduate school (6 credits maximum).

Essential Courses:

MTH202Ordinary Differential Equations
MTH251Mathematical Analysis I
MTH252Mathematical Analysis II
MTH301Modern Algebra I
MTH302Modern Algebra II
MTH311Complex Analysis I
MTH321Numerical Analysis
MTH351General Topology
MTH411Differential Geometry I
MTH421Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MTH451Advanced Linear Algebra
For selective courses, see Undergraduate Courses.

Secondary Major in Mathematical Sciences

Students who study physical sciences, biomedical sciences, computer engineering and finance are encouraged to take mathematics as their second major. Management students must fulfill prerequisites (Calculus 1, 2, Applied Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) for taking Mathematics as secondary major. Minimum requirements are 18 chemistry credits (12 essential courses) See Undergraduate Courses for more detail.

Credit requirement

For the students who started before 2016

Required/Elective Credit(minimum)
1st Track 2nd Track
Required 30 12
Elective 18 6

For the students who start from 2016 on

Required/Elective Credit(minimum)
1st Track 2nd Track
Required 33 12
Elective 21 6