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We propose the application of a phase-field framework for three-dimensional volume reconstruction using slice data. The proposed method is based on the Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard equations, and the algorithm consists of two steps. First, we perform image segmentation on the given raw data using a modified Allen-Cahn equation. Second, we reconstruct a three-dimensional volume using a modified Cahn-Hilliard equation. In the modified Cahn-Hilliard equation, a fidelity term is introduced to keep the solution close to the slice data. The numerical methods use a hybrid method and an unconditionally stable nonlinear splitting scheme. The resulting discrete equations are solved using a multigrid method. The experiments on synthetic and real medical images are performed to demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method.

Time: 16:00 on June. 10(Wed)
Place : BAB 207
Contact : Prof. Pilwon Kim