Speaker: 진상돈박사님 (KAIST)
When: 2020 Dec. 11, 13pm -- 14pm.
Where: Online, ask Kyudong Choi for the zoom link.

Title: Nonrelativistic limit of solitary waves for nonlinear Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations

Abstract: We study the nonrelativistic limit of solitary waves from Nonlinear Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations (NMKG) to Nonlinear Schrodinger-Poisson equations (NSP). It is known that the existence or multiplicity of positive solutions depends on the choices of parameters the equations contain. In this paper, we prove that for a given positive solitary wave of NSP, which is found in Ruiz's work, there corresponds a family of positive solitary waves of NMKG under the nonrelativistic limit. Notably, our results contain a new result of existence of positive solutions to (NMKG) with lower order nonlinearity.