July 29 (Thursday) 2021 11:00 - 12:00, Building 110, Room N103

▶Speaker : Junseok Oh(Jeju National University)

▶Title : The interplay of CANT with Factorization Theory

▶Abstract :
A sequence $S$ over a finite group $G$ is a multiset of terms from $G$ which is unordered, repetition of terms allowed. We say that $S$ is a product-one sequence if its terms can be ordered so that their product (under the group operation) equals the identity element $1_G$ of the group. Since the 1960s, the study of product-one sequences has developed into a flourishing branch of additive and combinatorial number theory.

In this introductory talk, we will briefly discuss some of the product-one problems, including the Davenport constant and the Er\H{o}s-Ginzburg-Ziv theorem, and then explain its close connection to the study of non-unique factorization over fairly general monoids and rings,
including those of principal interest to algebraic number theory.

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