Time and Location: Fridays, 2~4pm @ 319 (Euler)

Organizers: Jungjin Lee, Eunkyung Ko, Injo Hur, Hantaek Bae

List of speakers

3/24: 김승혁 박사님 (KIAS) - Introduction of variational methods and their applications to conformal geometry
4/7: 김일두 박사님 (KIAS) - Probability, Conditional Expectation, and Stochastic Diffusion
4/14: 홍영훈 박사님 (CMAC-연세대학교) (Canceled. Replaced by a lecture series during summer break)
4/28: 장진우 박사님 (IBS) - Cauchy problems in collisional kinetic theory
5/12: 이영애 박사님 (NIMS) - Uniform estimates and blow up behavior for mean field equations
5/19: 장윤수 박사님 (CMAC-연세대학교) - W^{1,p} estimates in composite materials
5/26: 조주희 박사님 (SNU) - Fractal Strichartz estimates for the wave equation (4pm-6pm)
6/2: 김종천 박사님(Univ. of Wisconsin) - Convergence of Fourier series and Fourier integrals
6/9: 최우철 박사님 (KIAS) - TBA