Location and Time: BAB 106, 4pm

2015.9.10. Prof. Se Eun Noh (Myongji University)

Wave propagation for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations

2015.9.17. Dr. Hwajong Yoo (IBS Center for Geometry and Physics)

Number theory and modular forms

2015.9.24. Dr. Chan-Ho Kim (KIAS)

An analytic perspective of Iwasawa theory

2015.10.1. Prof. Sungmo Kang (Chonnam National University)

Knots, 3-manifolds and Dehn surgery

2015.10.7. Prof. Youngsam Kwon (Dong-a University)

Singular limit problems for Compressible Navier Stokes Equation with denegerate viscosity

2015.10.15. Prof. Kyuho Kang (Korea University)

An Efficient Posterior Sampling in Gaussian Affine Term Structure Models

2015.10.29. Prof. Kyeong-Hun Kim (Korea University)

PDE and SPDE with spatial and time nonlocal operators

2015.11.5. Prof. Hunki Baek (Catholic University of Daegu)


2015.11.12. Prof. Myeongju Chae (Hankyong University)

Small data global existence and decay for non-abelian Chern-Simons equations

2015.11.26. Prof. Youngkum Cho (Chung-Ang University) (postponed to next semester)

Boltzmann Equation and Fourier-based Probability Metrics

2015.12.3. Prof. Seok Bae Yun (Sungkyunkwan University)

Introduction to kinetic equations

2015.12.10. Prof. Dohoon Choi (Korea Aerospace University)

Hecke fields of modular forms