Jaesung Kwon

Graduate student
Mathematical Sciences, UNIST

Contact Information
Office : 108-302
Email :


  • February 2017, B.S. in Physics, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, South Korea.

Research interests

  • Modular Form, Automorphic Form and its $L$-function
  • Iwasawa theory and p-adic $L$-function
  • Complex, Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry

Work in Progress

  • (with Hae-Sang Sun) Non-vanishing of special L-values of cusp forms on GL(2) with totally split prime power twists, accepted, J. Number Theory .


  • "Transendence of Iwasawa Power Series by Homological Approach", Mini Workshop 2017: Arithmetic of L-values, July 10–13, 2017, Hotel Everrich, Ganghwado, Korea
  • "Lubin-Tate groups, extensions and Artin maps", Instructional Workshop on Class Field Theory, January 22–26, 2018, KIAS, Seoul, Korea