Kim, Yunho

Assistant Professor
Mathematical Sciences

SNS 108, 301-11


  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of California Los Angeles, USA 2009
  • B.S. in Mathematics, POSTECH, Korea 2000

Research Interest

Calculus of variations, Optimization Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Interests Inverse Problems, Computational Mathematics, Image Analysis, Medical/Biomedical Imaging. Specific topics are
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  1. Phase Field Modeling
    -- Mass conserving Allen-Cahn equations and their analytical and numerical properties

  2. 3D reconstruction of flexible protein structures from Cryo-EM imaging
    -- 3D volume reconstruction, characterization of structural flexibility, etc.

  3. Image restoration/decomposition/segmentation
    -- PDE and variational frameworks

  4. Analyzing a unified variational framework for eigenvalue problems
    -- Understanding eigenvectors in variational frameworks without eigenvalues known: symmetric and non-symmetric diagonalizable cases, real and complex cases

  5. Neuromorphic Computing - RCN (Reservoir Computing Networks)
    -- RCN has an advantage over Deep Learning, in that, complex dynamical systems take actions in the learning process.

Current Members

  1. Dongsun Lee (Postdoc), Ph.D. in mathematics on Phase field modeling
    -- working on Cryo-EM

  2. Joo Dong Yun (Ph.D. student), M.S. in Electrical Engineering on image processing
    -- working on MR reconstruction, Photoacoustic imaging

Papers Under Review

  1. J.D. Yun, Y. Kim, Two stage adaptive Fourier sampling reconstruction, (submitted)

Publications (Journal Papers)

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Publications (Conference Proceedings)

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